Eco Friendly GREEN Marathon
A unique opportunity for runners from India and around the world

A few words from our chair-person

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the Kanchenjunga marathon – Sikkim’s first high altitude trail run.
There is a beautiful world of adventure awaiting you over here. Join us in a fun race and experience not
only the joy of running but the heritage, culture, nature and hospitality of Sikkim and her people.

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Join us on 8-18 Jan for the Red Panda Winter Carnival, celebrating the culture & diversity of Sikkim.

Vision of the Future

For most locals the idea of a marathon is usually thought of as something crazy. Why would anyone want to run 42 kilometres? What is the benefit in that and so on… Who has the time to run a crazy 42 kms or 21 kms half marathon, better to stay at home and watch the tele… or maybe hang out with friends grab a couple of beers…

The origin of the Kanchenjunga marathon is a small seed which will hopefully germinate into something beautiful…

While a small start, we are hopefully that we can slowly start changing the fixed concepts and closed mindsets of our community so that this event can create social and economical revolution with positive impacts on Sikkimese society and economy. 21 st century living has changed all our lives to a certain extent; some more some less and an accompanying baggage of good and bad impacts.


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Sikkims mega annual event - The Red Panda Winter Carnival is now just round the corner. This is a culture fest not to be missed.

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The Kanchenjunga Marathon is a unique opportunity for runners from India and around the world to run with local ...

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Sikkim is captivating, offbeat and unknown – a perfect destination for those seeking enchantment or adventure.

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Our events require dedicated volunteers to help ensure runners and spectators get the support they need throughout...

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Besides cash prizes, participants will receive finishers certificate and medals (for those who finish at the cut out...)

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Top 10 Reasons to Run

Top 10 Reasons to Run

1. Motivation

Everyone needs a little help getting out the door to run every once in a while. We get tired, busy or just plain lazy. If you have a race penciled in on the schedule it can help you get out there and log those few extra miles that you wouldn’t get in otherwise. Accountability is everything, and signing up for a race can be the motivation you need to get out there and get it done. Whether you're running for a personal best or just to get to the finish line, you're going to have to train to get there.

2. A sense of accomplishment

There isn’t anything quite like coming across the finish line of a race. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first 5K or your 10th marathon, the sense of accomplishment you get after a race can’t be duplicated. Remember to flash a big smile when you come across the finish line—there’s a good chance someone is taking your picture!

3. Make new friends

Attending a local race can help you to meet some people that you won’t find running around your neighborhood. Whether it's a few dozen people on the starting line of your local 5K or several thousand at a major marathon, there's potential at every race to make a whole bunch of new running friends.

4. Explore the city

It’s not often you get to run down the middle of closed roads or on marked trails. Running a race can be a great way to go on vacation and see a city, as oftentimes race routes will take you to parts of a place that you haven’t been to before. Everyone needs an excuse to get away for a week (or even just a weekend), right?

5. Get a new shirt

Most races will offer you a t-shirt when you sign up to participate. A t-shirt is more than just a shirt: it's a reminder of your accomplishment and might even encourage a friend or two to join you for the next one.

6. Fitness check

One way to find out what kind of shape you are in is to step up to the starting line and race. Simple as that. There's no way to fake getting from the start to the finish. The end result will be a good indicator of how your training is going and if you need to change anything.

7. Quench your competitive spirit

Get your friends together and challenge each other to run a race together. This is one way to foster friendly competition and keep each other accountable. No ties allowed.

8. Exercise

You will be hard-pressed to find another form of exercise that will yield a better sweat or burn more calories than giving it your all at a race. According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Consumer Health Information a 125-pound person will burn 253 calories running a 5K and 2,139 calories running a marathon. A 150-pound person burns 303 calories in a 5K and 2,566 in a marathon. If you are 175 pounds those numbers are 354 and 2,994, respectively. At 200 pounds you're looking at 405 calories in a 5K and a whopping 3,422 calories in a marathon. What are you waiting for?

9. Get outdoors

Get off the treadmill and head outside to get a few miles in. There's no reason to hide indoors when there are races to run! If the gym treadmill is your sanctuary, you'll be amazed at how much more fun it is to get out with people and run a race than it is to log another mile running in place.

10. Learn something about yourself

Racing allows you the opportunity accomplish something you once might not have thought possible. You may be faster than you think, or perhaps you will learn to push beyond your comfort zone. Want to find out? Start by filling out an entry blank!

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Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival