Eco Friendly GREEN Marathon
A unique opportunity for runners from India and around the world

A few words from our chair-person

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the Kanchenjunga marathon – Sikkim’s first high altitude trail run.
There is a beautiful world of adventure awaiting you over here. Join us in a fun race and experience not
only the joy of running but the heritage, culture, nature and hospitality of Sikkim and her people.

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Join us on 8-18 Jan for the Red Panda Winter Carnival, celebrating the culture & diversity of Sikkim.

Vision of the Future

For most locals the idea of a marathon is usually thought of as something crazy. Why would anyone want to run 42 kilometres? What is the benefit in that and so on… Who has the time to run a crazy 42 kms or 21 kms half marathon, better to stay at home and watch the tele… or maybe hang out with friends grab a couple of beers…

The origin of the Kanchenjunga marathon is a small seed which will hopefully germinate into something beautiful…

While a small start, we are hopefully that we can slowly start changing the fixed concepts and closed mindsets of our community so that this event can create social and economical revolution with positive impacts on Sikkimese society and economy. 21 st century living has changed all our lives to a certain extent; some more some less and an accompanying baggage of good and bad impacts.


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Sikkims mega annual event - The Red Panda Winter Carnival is now just round the corner. This is a culture fest not to be missed.

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The Kanchenjunga Marathon is a unique opportunity for runners from India and around the world to run with local ...

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Sikkim is captivating, offbeat and unknown – a perfect destination for those seeking enchantment or adventure.

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Our events require dedicated volunteers to help ensure runners and spectators get the support they need throughout...

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Besides cash prizes, participants will receive finishers certificate and medals (for those who finish at the cut out...)

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2017 Marathon Updates

Dear runners, community and friends,

The just concluded Kanchenjunga Marathon 2017 was a huge success. We had a total of 56 participants, a 100 percent increase from our previous edition. From our first edition of 20 local participants this was a huge increase.

This year we witnessed runners from different states of India and internationals. Despite the late launch, we received numerous inquiries from all over the world that have shown keen interest in running one of the toughest marathons. We hope we are able to host them in our 2018 edition. A

total of 10 (ten) women participated in this race from ages 18 -30 years. A 100 percent increase in trail running for Sikkim and women empowerment. Ms. Chandrakala Sharma of Gangtok took the women’s half marathon title and we have now sponsored her in collaboration with the ‘Everest Marathon’ to take part in the 29th May 2018 Everest Marathon.

Having international runners took our marathon to another level. The celebratory function after the race was an even greater success with a total participation of the local community, race participants and visitors from all over the world.

A total of Rs. 495,000 plus Rs. 5,530 (Everest Goodwill Prize) was distributed as cash prizes.

From a total of Rs. 940,900 income generated from participants and sponsors, Rs. 910,381 was utilised with a net balance of Rs. 30,510. A total of Rs. 445,900 was injected into the domestic economy and an additional Rs. 150,000 (approx.) by participants.

Beneficiaries were transportation entrepreneurs from West Bengal and Sikkim, hoteliers and Home Stays of Yuksom, Restaurants, Shop owners, tea stalls, grocery stalls, porters, pack animal owners, national park, print media entrepreneurs, etc.

Himalayan trail running organiser Mr. Bikram Pandey Kaji of the Everest Marathon and Peace marathon – Lumbini Marathon has also evinced great interest in our marathon and we look to promoting our entire Himalayan trail running in tandem.

A special “Everest Marathon – Good Will’ prize was sponsored by the Everest marathon Committee and a similar “Kanchenjunga Marathon – Good Will” prize will be sponsored by the Kanchenjunga Marathon at the Nepal marathon.

Race results are up and so are photographs on all stages of the race and more will soon be uploaded in our website gallery and facebook page. Check it out at 

We will also soon be launching the ‘Gangtok Road Runners’ series of marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K runs shortly. This is a fun run and more accessible to all. Thank you all runners, friends and sponsors for your contribution. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Our deepest thanks to all our sponsors without which this event would not have been possible and we look forward to your continued support.

Thanks all and keep running!

Kunzang Gyatso (Everester)
Race Director
The Kanchenjunga Marathon

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Sikkim Red Panda Winter Carnival