Sikkims mega annual event - The Red Panda Winter Carnival is now just round the corner. This is a culture fest not to be missed.

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About Us

It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the Kanchenjunga marathon – Sikkim’s first high altitude trail run.

There is a beautiful world of adventure awaiting you over here. Join us in a fun race and experience not only the joy of running but the heritage, culture, nature and hospitality of Sikkim and her people.

Sports have become an integral part of our lives. Whether it is a team based activity or a single player game, sports keeps an individual occupied and free from negative indulgences. While it develops health primarily, it also builds up social skills and self confidence.

The youth nowadays are more motivated and inclined to take up sports professionally as sportsmen are given a stature of significance and recognised in the society.

The presenting organization, Sikkim Mountaineering Association had held a similar marathon in 2015 where a number of runners from all over had participated.

The Kanchenjunga marathon is held at an altitude of 16400 ft and while it is arduous, it is also challenging for both amateurs and professional runners. The marathon will kick off at 6 am from the starting point, Goeche La and end at Yuksom

We thank the participants for registering and wish them luck in running on the tough and testing terrains. We would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors, without whom this marathon would not have been possible.

I invite all nature lovers, adventure lovers and runners to participate in this marathon.

Last but not the least, Shri Sonam Dadul, MLA of Yuksom, our stakeholders, volunteers and local gentry are our primary and much needed support and we thank them all.

Sarala Rai